Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finished: Anntrelac socks

I like to call these strawberry shortcake socks:
I think she would have worn them. How about you? (I realize how much of a dork child of the 80's this makes me. And yes, I watched the program.)These are the first socks that I finished for myself since Maimuţă, and those were done when I was still a single lady. I'm going to wear my Shortcake socks today when I go to Georgetown to visit the mikveh.

In other news, I'm going to be visiting Chicago this weekend, and staying until next Thursday. Being here only with the kitties is boring me, and Tzurriz has once again swooped to the rescue. So I'll make it to both of my knitting groups, I think. And I will bring yarn.

The Amazing E seems to be fine. His training is going well, and he's pretty excited about all of it. His graduation is next Friday, and then he's allowed to come home the next day. Of course, he arranged another business trip to begin the day after he's home from training. I can't express to you how I feel about THAT!
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