Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring cleaning - as old as the Exodus

It's that time of the year again... time to banish the previous year's weevils from my home.

Every spring for the last zillion years Jews around the world have taken part in this tradition. In case you don't know, Jews are commanded in the Bible to rid our homes of all leavened bread each year before Passover. Then for eight days observant Jews neither eat nor even own any grain products that have been or may be fermented. I've just finished this process. It's pretty thorough and takes a while. Tonight E will double check my work and find the last bits of bread I've hidden in the house and get rid of them for me. This is usually and kid job, but we have no kids yet to do it. (Could this tradition be an ancestor of the Easter egg hunt? Hmm.) Then tomorrow night we will begin the holiday with a seder in our home.

Last night we had our final chemetz (leavened bread meal) before the holiday. I made Chicago style pizza. Actually, I don't feel like I should even point out "Chicago" in the name of the pizza, as I am a pizza snob as well as a yarn snob. East coast "pizza" is... I don't know what. Crackers?

At any rate, I cannot get anything like pizza here. One nearby attempt calls itself "Greek Style Pizza." Ugh. So I make my own when I want a good meal of pizza. This thing of beauty is a deep dish spinach pizza with fresh garlic and red peppers with the sauce of crushed tomatoes on the top. Oh my. I'm missing you all in Chicago. Happy Passover.
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