Thursday, March 06, 2008

Whoa. I love the bunny.

When E left for San Francisco this weekend, I decided that I needed a cuddley thing. My copy of Last Minute Knitted Gifts has the Lovable Toy pictured below as a six to eight hour project. I was hoping to have a friend by sometime on Sunday evening. So I whipped out the two balls of Plymouth Alpaca Brush I had left from my sister Eileen's holiday gift and got to work. On Wednesday evening my friend was finally complete. Way too cute.

The Amazing E got home at about 3am this morning, and he came bearing gifts. I wasn't expecting anything, and really was only hoping for him to be home safe. I've discovered that business trips suck, especially when you are newly married. Anyway, the gifts were were very nice surprises. He knows me so well. The first thing is a bar of gardenia magnolia soap from a store called Fresh. I've never seen this stuff before, but it smells very nice. I'll break it out tomorrow night for Shabbat. Next was a box of fancy Maya inspired chocolates from Moonstruck Chocolatier. We tried one, and Holy Cow! Saving the rest for tomorrow night as well. Lastly, E in his Amazingness went to a yarn store called Artfibers in San Francisco and got me this cone of silk/mohair fanciness. I feel like I should drop everything and cast it on right away. But what to make?

Anyway. I'm glad to have him home.

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