Saturday, March 29, 2008


The good news is that Duncan is still alive and mostly doing okay. He's got problems with peeing that cause him pain and other difficulties. It was these problems that gave us the close call last month. In spite of his problems, my husband loves this little cat. I think he's very sweet, too.

But he has to get a pill every day, and he's not a good patient. Tonight I'm fed up (not that I'm going to stop with the pill giving.) Each night, I have to give this cat a pill. And each night my arms are scratched and fingers bitten. All to have the cat purposely try to get the pill up from his throat by foaming at the mouth after I give it to him through locked jaws. I think at least half of nights he ends up getting it up. Sometimes I find it and give it to him again, but then there is tonight.
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