Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Black Hole

There is a particular "town" near to where we live that seems to be a black hole. It is unplottable. Time and space do not exist there. All roads lead there, but none seem to go anywhere once they come within its boarders. Traffic does not move. Every time I am driving in Maryland and get lost, I see a sign that say "Welcome to..." this town. The laws of the universe do not apply there. Not even the laws of knitting.

I ventured into this "town" just now to go to a LYS. Google says it's the closest one to where I live in Silver Spring. It's about 3 miles away, but somehow this trip took almost 2 hours. Strange. I did find the store and went in looking for the simplest thing. A ball winder. I looked around, and that's when everything got kind of strange. I walked around the store, and it appeared to be filled with yarn. However, I'll be damned if anyone could actually find yarn there to buy. There are caverns and caves of skeins everywhere. But finding a yarn you want? Forget it. After walking around and around the store, I finally came back to the front of the store. There, over the door, was a shelf labeled "ball winder." But there was no ball winder on that shelf. So I left.

I left that yarn store with no yarn. I told you about the laws of nature and that town...
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