Monday, March 10, 2008


Apparently I misjudged just how much of a wild animal Scott TC might be. I mean, he's a wimp. Never been outside, never hunted a real bird or mouse. (Although he did get several cicadas last year.) That being said, however, Scott TC recognized that a natural prey for pampered kitties such as himself is apparently hand knitted alpaca bunnies. Last night he was caught dragging the bunny into the living room by its newly dislocated, indeed nearly severed arm.The bunny's new home will be in my bedroom. Scott TC is not allowed in there, so the bunny is resting comfortably. I hope my husband does not object. Reattachment surgery is scheduled for later today.

I am displeased to report other knitting trouble. Remember the blue Green Tea Raglan that has been a UFO for way too long? Well, there's a reason for the procrastination. I've known for some time that I would run out of yarn before the knit was done. My anxiety over this has led to me ignoring its existence for months at a time. Being tired of pitying the fate of this project, in the last week I've picked it up again to see just how short of yarn I'd be. Yeah, I'm nearly done with the yarn and have half a sleeve left. I bought this yarn over a year ago in a LYS going out of business sale. It's already been one other frogged project, so I hate to frog it again because I really like the yarn. It's Classic Elite Bam Boo. I guess I can go and look for the yarn in local yarn stores here and hope I get a similar enough dye lot.

Cross your fingers for these knits. I know I am.
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