Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No longer an Illinoisan


The Amazing E has been out of town for the last five days for work related things. Never fear, this is not military duty. He's at some medical conference in San Francisco. And guess what? My beautiful sister Eileen is in from London at the same conference. I hear they're hanging out. Cool.

I am here holding down the fort.

Lately I've been pretty out of sorts feeling like I'm not quite transitioned here or have a life of my own. It's been kinda hard, you know? But I'm not here to bitch about that. The Parents E came up to stay with me and keep me distracted during my alone time. And it's been pretty good.

First of all, Duncan is eating solid food again. This is very important. I don't know that it means that he's really going to recover over the long term. But it does mean that he's feeling better for now. The poor little guy has really been feeling crappy. I was actually afraid of losing him while E was gone.

I've also been working on my yarn shop. I have my yarns. I have my dyes. I'm getting to work. The store will be carrying three types of hand dyed yarn straight away. Additionally, I think you'll see fancy schmancy hand made stitch markers. After a little while, I should also be carrying some knitting needles and other things. I'll have both a website and an Esty store to start with. Look for the grand opening announcement here in about two weeks!

And! And! And! As of today I am no longer an Illinoisan. This morning I have up my Illinois plates on the truckster in favor of Maryland plates. And this afternoon...wait for it...my condo sold. I guess I'm really making the transition now.
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