Monday, December 17, 2007

Safe and sound

The Amazing E and I made it to Maryland in the big truck yesterday. It was a long and stressful drive, with snow and ice storms the whole way. But we made it here yesterday. I am unpacking now and making this little bachelor pad into our home. Lots of stuff to do today. Let's see.
  1. Clean up the book shelves
  2. Unpack the books and put them on the shelves
  3. After finding the cook books, make 5 dozen cookies for E's holiday party using the new Kitchen Aid mixer (yay)
  4. Rest
  5. Find the hangers, clothes, and closets and allow them to become acquainted
  6. Dishes. Ugh
  7. Wind the new skein of yarn into a double pull ball and start on that holiday gift
  8. Figure out how to use this fancy wedding gift camera
  9. Take nice yarn pictures and put them on here
  10. Buy toilet paper
I'll let you know what I manage to finish. BTW, the stash got unpacked and put away last night.
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