Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back in Chicago

Wasn't I just here? Well, I'm here again.

I'm here for lots of reasons. The real reason is that I have to go to class tonight; I have to do this three more times in the next month. The happy reason is to meet the child of Becca and Jason. The fun reason I'm here is for the Tinley knitting group's gift exchange; that was last night and I got Becca's gift of pretty green feltable yarn. The pain in the ass reason is to tie up loose ends at my house; I don't know how I'll get all of them tied, but I'll try. The humbug reason is for Christmas; we're leaving for DC again on Christmas morning.

Drove in alone yesterday. It took exactly 12 hours. That's 12 hours of sitting and staring, and not knitting at all. I'm still tired and dead. Blah.

Perhaps you'd like to know about knitting. There are many things on my needles. So many things that things are sharing needles.

I was going to post more, but I am tired. Back to the bed. Better luck with posting next time.
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