Monday, April 12, 2010

Setting goals

I just feel the need. The need to commit to knitting goals for 2010. Why? Who knows. It's not like anything will happen if I throw them to the wind later and knit other stuff. But I feel the need.
This year, it is my goal to knit down my sock yarn stash and to knit my two Starmore kits. My sock yarn stash is not really that huge. (My personal sock yarn stash, that is. Technically, I have a nearly unlimited supply of sock yarn, but I'm not talking about that.) Knitting down the stash is really a moving target, since I am an infamous sock yarn impulse buyer. But I'm going to try to finish this year with almost no sock yarn left. There are good reasons. I started the year with almost no socks that did not have holes in them. My feet were cold last winter. I couldn't see my feet, but I know they were cold. That an the fact that I have sock yarn that's 4 years old that's been lonely and languishing in the stash. I should be fair and compassionate to that yarn and see that it grows up to be nice things. As for the Starmores, there is just no excuse for letting that stuff sit. It's a sin against knitting, and I intend to correct my ways.

I've gotten a good start on accomplishing the sock part of my goals. So far this year I've knit these:

This brown sock is the Pyroclastic Sock from in Panda Silk fingering weight. This guy is my generic top down sock done in Regia Bamboo. This is one of those poor yarns that languished in my stash for too long. I think it was in there for about four years, the poor thing. I should have knitted it sooner. Turns out that these are the most comfortable socks I own.
And this lovely thing is Roza's Socks in STR lightweight. I got the yarn last year from The Fold when they came to Maryland Sheep and Wool. This is currently my favorite sock pattern, and I'm making another pair in Koigu. Oooooooh. Koiguuuuuuu.
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