Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Queen of Not Finishing Anything

Back in the days of no posting, I was doing a lot of knitting. I feel like a have a very good reason for the discrepancy. I was very pregnant. Not that I know how they relate, but it's a good excuse. I will also use that reason as an excuse for many, many other things. Like never posting a roundup of 2009 knitting.

This knitter cannot claim to have really finished that many projects last year. I nearly finished a number of projects, and actually completed a few. As you will see later, the fact that I did not completely follow through on very many knitting related things last year might have been a good thing. At any rate, in 2009 I actually finished:

1. Icarus Shawl
2. Aeolian Shawl
3. Baby Cables and Big Ones Too
4. Crusoe socks in their second iteration
5. Hedera Socks
6. Channukah Challenge socks
7. A Baby Surprise Jacket for Mandy's baby
8. February Lady Sweater

These are not that many projects, and I'm a little disappointed in that. In addition to these, I worked on a number of baby projects. I did the greater part of a baby blanket, a diaper cover, a Baby Surprise Jacket, and a jumper based on the jacket pattern, but I didn't get any of them done. They are all nearly done, needing only a few more hours of work. However, none of them where actually finished and usable in time for Baruch's birth. In some ways, (and here's where the sadness that hangs over this house comes in) it might be a good thing. None of them were finished for him. So now I have to decide whether they belong to Baruch and should go into his box of things, or if they just belong to my babies in general and will be finished for another baby.
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