Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If the second anniversary is cotton...

What's the second wedding?

Elijah and I are getting married tomorrow. Yes, again. Our first wedding will always be our anniversary. It was the most lovely evening of my life, what with all the great food, music, and love going around. Our first wedding was everything I wanted my wedding to be. Almost. We had a Jewish wedding with a chuppah, a ketubah, seven blessings, and a broken glass. But for a technical reason it was not kosher. We knew that at the time. Our wedding was not binding in Jewish law. We were ready to commit to each other forever, but not ready to commit to a kosher life together.

Now we are. And tomorrow after morning minyan, our rabbi will marry us in a properly religious ceremony. It's such a good time to do this after just having lost our child and when we're about to start trying for another.

But I don't know what to get him.
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