Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yarn nightmares

Last night I had a nightmare about yarn. For real. Ya think I might knit too much?

In the dream I was going to knit up this mill bag of Debbie Bliss Cashmere Cotton that has been marinating in the stash for about a year. I reality, I often think of this yarn and what I will knit with it. It's DK weight, red, and has about 1030 yards. Sometimes I take it out and pet it seeking inspiration. Well, last night I had a dream about that yarn.

In the dream I go into the stash to get the bag and start knitting some perfect sweater. When I take it out, I think "What in hell was I thinking?" I pull out a ball, and find that it is pink and really made out of a combination the material those plastic bath puffs come from along with iridescent Easter basket grass.

In the dream I take it out and think to myself that I don't remember the yarn looking this way, but I do remember loving the yarn. With this rationalization firm in my mind, I decide that it's perfect for my sweater and start knitting.

How many knitting projects have we done that turn out that way? You know the ones, where we delude ourselves for days, weeks, or months that the project will turn out despite it looking like complete shite.
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