Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I realize it as well as anyone who has been reading here this summer. I've been writing re-in-donkulous posts about serious things. Blame it on the travel and finishing graduate studies. I've been flying back and forth between DC and Chicago all summer, and think I spend about a third of my summer in transit. Actually, I spent the majority of August in Chicago. Some people even saw me there. And now I'm done. My classes are done. All I have left is my master's project, and that is partially done. Say it with me. HOORAY!

Now that I can stop, look around, think, and kvetch, I want to write seriously about some re-in-donkulous things.

For one, my knitting. I've been knitting a lot this summer. A real lot. I mean, flying-twice-a-week-all-summer amounts of knitting. Do you know what I got done? Almost nothing. I have two pairs of socks and two berets. But I also have at least four single socks and a completely-knitted-but-not-felted felted stained glass bag. Summer of socks is nearly finished, and I only have two comeplete pairs. Re-in-donkulous!

You know what else? Flying is re-in-donkulous now. The planes are full, the airfares are sky high, and you have to pay for your bags to be checked. Oy. Plus you gotta be there an hour and a half before the flight. Oy. At least it gives time for knitting.

Re-in-donkulously cool alert! I got an iPhone. Actually, E made me get it. The first coolest part is that the purchase of the iPhone represented the first sizable payment to myself from Rock Creek Yarn. Secondly, it's just cool. It's a good phone and I can do all sorts of interesting things like make my grocery list on it. I even found a free knitting application.

Latly, hurricanes are re-in-donkulous. For real. Gustav went through the Gulf Coast, and the PHS got called up. E was not one of those called up this time. (That's a major thing his branch of the service does, going to hurricanes.) However, this weekend we'll get another chance. Hanna is on her way up here. So, woo hoo! My first hurricane.
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