Friday, September 05, 2008


It's nice here now. Sunny, even. But as you can see from this map by the National Weather Service it looks like tropical storm Hanna's gonna blow through here tomorrow afternoon. Maryland is apparently on two types of warnings. The eastern part of the state is on a tropical storm warning. More inland areas are on a flash flood warning. We're right on the border between the two areas. So we're going to get hit with a grand storm (and based on my experience here in Maryland, that means that the power will go out for days). Oh, the excitement.

You'll be proud to hear this. With Gustav recently gone, Hanna about to hit, and Ike and Josephine close behind, our government has swung into action. The entire PHS has been put on alert to be ready to go to any disaster. They don't want a repeat of what happened in New Orleans with the slow response. So the Amazing E may have to fly off at any time to help save the day. I doubt he'll be wearing this when he goes, but you should see him in the whole gettup. He looks amazing.
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