Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween part 2

I know you missed it. "It" being the saga of Jeremy Clark-Erskine. It's scary.

I still get hits every week from all over the United States and Canada generated by web searches for this guy. There is news about him.

He's filed a writ of habeas corpus in Indiana. He's in jail there, but it seems like he's not been charged with escape or another crime. I have to ask law enforcement (because I know I'm getting hits from government agencies about him):

What the fuck?

I'm serious. What the fuck? Why is this guy not being charged? I've filed complaints against him for several crimes. Is Illinois or Cook County or even the City of Countryside doing anything? No. I was told by the arresting officer that Jeremy was arrested with the property I reported stolen a month before. But none of my local officials wants to claim jurisdiction. Hey, if Indiana can't seem to charge him, why not file charges here? Bring him here for trail and put him in jail in Cook County with the gang bangers.

And as for Indiana, come on guys! If nothing else, he was in your jail and according to your officials he walked away without authorization. Walked away! First of all, how do you let someone walk away from jail? Secondly, isn’t walking away from jail a crime? When are you going to do something about that? You also know that he left the state. Have you checked out how? I bet he did some bad stuff that you could punish him for. I bet you could find out what. He used credit cards in his name the whole way. Did you look into that?

And Wisconsin, what are you doing? Jeremy Erskine was arrested with one of your driver’s licenses. It’s in the Jasper, AB arrest record. If I could get that record, so can you. I bet you could find out where he got the identification. Could it have been your Kenosha facility? Maybe? And how would he have gotten that? He would have had to use a document proving that he lived in Wisconsin. Since he didn’t live in Wisconsin, could it have been a real document?

Finally, can the Federal government step in? Certainly there’s something here for you to look into. In fact, when Cook County gave me the runaround about Mr. Clark-Erskine charged for what I think he did to me, they told me that that particular thing should be handled by the FBI. The FBI referred me to the Secret Service. The Secret Service told to go back to Cook County. When will someone take responsibility for seeing that this man doesn’t hurt more people?

Based on the number of people who have contacted me through this blog, and the number of hits related to his name I get, I have an idea of how many people are concerned about this man’s existence and potential freedom. I also have an idea of the number of people who believe they have been his victims in the last year and a half. And we are not getting justice. We’ve found the resources to find each other. Why can’t law enforcement and the courts find the resources to investigate what we’re telling you and keep him in jail!

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