Friday, December 05, 2008

A wonderful life in New Orleans

If you recall, the Amazing E and I planned a trip last weekend to New Orleans to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Well, we went. It was great. I was very tired through the whole trip, but we had fun anyway. Our hotel was in the Warehouse district, and in a historical building. The French Quarter was only a short 3 block walk away, so we were there all the time.

E says he took me to do all the fun New Orleans stuff. We went to the markets and famous streets. We ate the local food; our anniversary lunch was at Commander's Palace and involved the best soup I ever tasted. He took me to the Garden District and Uptown, as well as a short tour through some of the poorer areas. It's clear that New Orleans is still rebuilding, but much of it looks great.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary.

Tragically for me, I have to say goodbye to yet another sock. On our very first night there, I was walking in the Warehouse district in my Birkenstocks and Imladris socks. I know some people find that look dorky or otherwise inappropriate, but that's how I roll. Anyway, it was wet. And my socks got uncomfortably wet and started causing a blister. So I took off my socks to carry them. Sadly, one of them got away from me. I have the other. But one of my new and pretty socks is now living alone on the streets of New Orleans. I guess all I can do is hope it has a happy life down there.
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