Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I've been trying to figure out what I knitted this year. You know, doing some year end self evaluation. In all this hard thinking, I realized that my list is bigger than the one over there ==>

In the year 2008, I have completed a bunch of projects. I should really update my list.

1. Dad E's Manly Socks made of STR lightweight.
2. Mom E's Clapotis made of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Geisha.
3. Cabled Rangoli Hat made of the brushed alpaca yarn the Beautiful E gave me last year.
4. The Bunny made of more of that alpaca yarn.
5. Anntrelac Socks made of Zen String Bambewe.
6. The Amazing E's birthday socks made of Rock Creek Yarn's yarn.
7. Branching Out scarf made of Artyarn's Kyoto.
8. Green Tea Raglan
9. Haggis Throwing Socks made of Schafer Anne.
10. Green Sand Beach socks made of my yarn.
11. Campfire Socks made of Jitterbug.
12. Windmill Beret made of Noro Silk Garden and Cascade 220.
13. Tree Beret made of Noro Silk Garden and some other wool.
14. Secret Swap socks made of my yarn.
15. Felted Stained Glass Bag made of Noro Kureyon.
16. Imladris Socks, may they rest in peace.
17. Priiti Scarf made of Rock Creek Yarn Priiti and a suri alpaca.

Added to this list should be some projects I didn't list:
18. Hannah's hat.
19. A pair of Monkeys for a swap.
20. Baby Cables and Big Ones Too.

So that's 20. Not too shabby. 9 of them are socks. I guess pretty soon I'll have to take a look at my stash, my UFO's, and my stash to foment my plan for 2009.
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