Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Knitting and driving

At 7 am sharp (ish) tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving to drive to Chicago. More accurately, I'll be driving to Flossmoor, IL and visiting Chicago on almost every one of the nine days I'll be in the area.

As anyone who has done cross country driving knows, particularly if you've made the trip before and seen all the sights along the way, it's hour after hour of trance-like boredom. According to Google Maps my trip tomorrow will take 11 hours and 17 minutes. At the posted speed limits. Not that I will admit that I intend to break the law on my trip, but I will take note that Ohio seems to enforce speed limits and Indiana does not. And as we know, I am a woman and therefore will have to stop to pee. So let's say that my trip will take 12 hours door to door.

12 hours is a lot of time to sit in a small metal box, even if it is moving and dangerous speeds. So I've been trying to figure out how to make it more enjoyable. My immediate reflex is the think that I should combine knitting with this trip. Of course. However, my vice-like grasp of the obvious tells me that I should certainly not actually knit while driving 90 65 miles per hour down a highway shared with triple trailers. Especially since I'm working on socks on very pointy size 1.5 metal needles. And most especially since my husband is clearly a Jewish mother in his heart.

So I've looked for other ways to incorporate knitting with the drive. My success has been mixed. I found At Knit's End by the Yarn Harlot on iTunes audiobooks. And it's read by herself! A real treat. My big failure, or more accurately the failure of muggle web designers, it that none of the driving direction pages allow you to search for yarn stores along your route. I'm going to keep looking for a site that will. Or I'll make my million by designing such a thing. Damn it.

So right now I'm packing and manually making a list of yarn stores easily access able to my route and thinking about how I will be away from this guy way too long. We're newlyweds, after all.
Does anyone know how long it takes to play the entire Rock Band Aerosmith game? He got it yesterday to ease his suffering while I'm gone. I'm just wondering when I can start expecting phone calls about missing me and asking where the clean underwear are.
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