Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In which I multi-task

Ever tried to juggle? I'm terrible at it really.

I'm currently working on two classes for the end of my degree while thinking about what my final project will be, running the yarn business, and knitting for Summer of Socks (which is related to the yarn business). Somehow I am doing a lot but it doesn't occur to me that much of it would be interested to my dear readers.

But there is progress on all of these tasks. For one, I have written one short paper this week and am working on a second now. Yes, even now. I'm taking a break from it so my brain can stop smoking. This is of course part of the process because we don't want anything to catch fire.

I've finished yet another single sock. Here it is being modeled on my knifty new sock blockers.
The sock is made of Panda Cotton in Painted Lilac. Unfortunately I can't cast the other on because immediately upon finishing this I cast to my one set of size 1.5 needles a sock for E. Therefore I have three single socks and three other socks in progress that count for SoS. Hopefully I'll knuckle down and finish at least one pair by the weekend. And hopefully it will be the second Durin sock. I have to get that pattern test knitted and published ASAP.

Also in news is a new colorway for Rock Creek Yarn. Behold Cherokee. It's a Smoky Mountains inspired colorway with dusty violet, blue, and orange. It'll be up and available soon enough on the website.

And now back to that paper.
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