Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I got that paper in. And my final for another class. I have another final due next week before I leave for Chicago. But I didn't work on it today. Or yesterday.

Today I had, ehem, medical procedures. I'll not use the "c" word here, but the procedures involved looking into my guts from both directions. Insidious has been back of late, so my new Navy docs wanted to look inside. It seems there's nothing horrible to report. No giant holes or bad diseases. Just a lot of irritation. And a strange anatomical thing involving my large intestine. Very interesting, but not dangerous.

So I've been home feeling crumby and knitting. For a little change, right now I'm feeling crumby and stoned while knitting. The sedatives have not quite worn off.

All this crumbiness and knitting has produced even more Summer of Socks progress. I'm nearly done with my second pair. There are another of my own creations made from Jitterbug sock yarn. I'm calling it Campfire Socks because I think they look like burning sticks.

I can report other good news. E loves me and is bringing me raspberry sorbet for a cool treat.
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