Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So much happiness, so little time

Please excuse me for the lack of reading material here. February was full of fun and happiness, March will have even more.

Let's see. February. Yeah, the first half was all about house hunting. Then there was the Vegas trip where I got to see my sister, the Beautiful E and her guy. After that, there was the Wisconsin bachelorette weekend for my girl in Mokena. And then Tzurriz had her baby! I just got home from the very long trip for all of that last night. Whew.

So this week I'll be packing up the apartment. Next weekend the Amazing E hope to get back to Chicago for the bris of Tzurriz's baby. And then back here for closing on the 11th. One and a half weeks of house cleaning later, we'll be back in Chicago for my graduation. After that, we return to Maryland for the official move to the new house, which must be completed by the end of March.

In the mean time, there has been yarny progress. A pair of socks was finished, as was a hat for an Israeli soldier. Icarus is also nearly done. Aaaaand. The mystery box from Scotland arrived. I'll try for pictures soon.

Take care and stay tuned.
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