Monday, October 26, 2009

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival

This past weekend, The Amazing E and I took Rock Creek Yarn to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival for the second year. Now I wish I'd had the presence of mind to post something here before the show, but I've been so busy getting ready for the show that I didn't think seriously about it. Between being 6 months pregnant and needing to dye 20 pounds of yarn in less than a week, life was completely taken over by wool and sleeping. The show was worth all the hard work. It was the most fun show yet, and close to home. E and I didn't get out of our booth much to see all the other vendors or the events, but I'm told there was sheep herding, local wine tasting (E did get to that), classes, and lots and lots of fiber to buy. The best part were all the customers. If you've ever been to a fiber festival, you know that it's full of super friendly people just looking for a good time. And we were inundated by friendly people.

Too bad we also didn't get any pictures. Hopefully the festival will post some good ones soon.

We had a really great location in the front of one of the barns. That of course meant a lot of foot traffic, but we were also sitting right across from Rivanna River Farm and Fiber Studio. They are a local alpaca producer, and really fantastic ladies. I'll tell you. I spent the entire show pining over their hand dyed 100% baby alpaca yarn. I touched and cuddled it. I stared at it. And finally I bought five skeins of a rose and taupe colorway. There is a total of 1100 yards here. Enough for a sweater for me if I can put down the baby knitting.
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