Monday, August 18, 2008

Prisoner updates

Remember Ole' Crap-o-tee? The evil knit languishes in knitting jail. Seeing as how I know of no convention on the treatment of prisoner knits, today the punishment of this knit was made (notice the use of passive voice here) more severe. It's needles where taken away, and sent to another part of the country. There is no hope. Doomed.

And then there is the case of a certain Jeremy Clark-Erskine. According to the Indiana database of prisoners, he's supposed to be released from the custody of the state today. I believe that he has been convicted of another crime in Marion County, and am hoping that upon his release from state prison he was delivered to the care of that county to serve his sentence. A lot of people are hitting this blog today looking for information about him. If you know if he was really released, please contact me by commenting anonymously, and tell me if you want me to actually make your comment public. I have the option of keeping it for my eyes only.
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